Rumor Has It…

Rumors are circling around Epcot and a 5 year expansion plan. During next months D23 Expo, we will finally know what is and isn’t going to happen.
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  • Guardians of the Galaxy theme land
  • New entrance
  • Innovations overhaul
  • Updated rides/shows/nighttime spectaculars
  • New World Showcase
  • New attractions

What are you most excited for?

Experience the Magic

Hello again my fellow dreamers!
T – 23 days left until my next visit and my anxiety is beginning to pick up. I’m sure you all can relate to this. I figured I would share what a day in the one and only Magic Kingdom is like for me. Now mind you, I am one of those people that cover the park in half a day or less, gotta get to that park hopping.
We arrive to the most amazing park entrance you will ever see. Walking into the park, I feel as if a surge of electricity, lets just call it “magic”, is going through me. As soon as we enter, turn right and we find ourselves visiting Mr. Mickey Mouse and Tinker Belle. Take pics and have a little chat and off we go. Then the moment has come, we make that turn into Main Street and we see it, Cinderella’s Castle. Oh the beauty. But all of a sudden we realize one thing, we need our Dole Whips to function properly! We race over to Adventureland. Wooh! Made it. Now we may go on with our day. Next up, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.
Time to head over to Haunted Mansion, make sure to stay with your group during the ride, there may be 999 happy haunts, but there is always room for one more.
Alright, we’ve had some fun on rides but now lets get to business. It’s Gaston time! We make sure to get in line 20 minutes before he comes out in order to be one of the first people in line. Take pictures, exchange some insults, and have some laughs. Can’t forget to get some of LeFou’s Brew after.
Next up is Ariel time and maybe sneak in some Belle time as well, or I could also see her in Epcot.
We head over to Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear. Once that’s over with, race back to Main Street for a few pictures and off to Epcot we go!

When visiting with me and my friends, you better be wearing those comfortable shoes or you will have a bad time, haha. We love park hopping!

What would you say are your top 3 must do’s when visiting Magic Kingdom?
If I had to decide, it would be getting Dole Whip, riding the mountains and pirates, and meeting Gaston.

Money, money, money…MONEY!

We all know how expensive a trip to Disney World can be. Here are my top 10 ways to save those extra bucks:

  1. Book one of Disney’s Value Resorts (average $120 a night)
    *If you want to stay on property, don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on hotel, but still want something a little more than a value resort, head over to and search their Express Deals (Secret Hotel). You will be able to decide the area you wish to stay in as well as the hotel rating. A 4-star hotel on property cost about $150 a night. The catch, you will not know what hotel you are booking until you pay for it. I have yet to have any issues with this.
  2. Buy a multi-day ticket
    The longer you stay, the more you save on tickets, about $20 less per day.
  3. Buy an Annual Pass
    Now of course, only do this if you will be visiting more than once a year and for several days, or if you are staying for more than a week. An annual pass (without blockout dates) will cost you $779 ($679 for Florida residents). If you are a Florida resident, you will have the option of paying in full or monthly. The pass includes Park Hopper and PhotoPass.
  4. Don’t buy water at the parks
    Just go to a quick service restaurant and ask for a cup of water
  5. Have breakfast in your hotel
    Take cereal, granola bars, anything you can eat for breakfast instead of spending at the parks
  6. Bring from home
    Strollers, sunscreen, ponchos, autograph books, pens, glow in dark sticks.
  7. Take your own snacks and water to the parks
  8. Buy Disney inspired T-Shirts online
    There are so many creative and funny Disney shirts out there. Head over to Etsy, there you will find so many great sellers. One of my favorites is JargonClothing
  9. Buy Mickey/Minnie ears online or make your own
  10. Instead of flying, make a road trip out of your vacation