Strap on to those seat belts! (7/10/17)

Strap into your seats because according to WDW News Today, TRON Lightcycle Power Run Roller Coaster is getting closer to getting the green light for Walt Disney World. It is said to replace Tomorrowland’s Speedway and would open for the park’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Rumor has it … (6/23/17)

According to WDW News Today, there are some big rumors circling around Epcot. During next months D23 Expo, we will see what is and what isn’t going to occur.

Rumor has it Epcot will be undergoing a 5 year expansion plan. The park…
○ Will be getting a A Guardians of the Galaxy themed land, along with, yes, the
Guardians of the Galaxy ride. It is said that it will be located where Universe of Energy is. Some believe that it will be a TRON coaster, but apparently, this coaster is said to be built in Magic Kingdom.
○ Entrance will get a brand new makeover, removing the Leave a Legacy tombstones.
○ Spaceship Earth will be getting an update of its own.
○ Innovations Plaza Area will be getting an overhaul. A demolition is said for both the East and West buildings, a new multi-level table service restaurant, Mouse Gear will be   completely remodeled, and a new plaza behind Spaceship Earth.
○ Mission: SPACE will be updated with a brand new on-ride film.
○ Inside Out will be replacing Journey Into Imagination.
○Living with the Land will be upgraded.
○ Circle of Life will be getting a new film.
○ The Seas with Nemo and Friends will become the Marine Life Institute, just like the one from Finding Dory.
○ New Showcase Pavilion with Spain being on top of the list.
○ Grand Fiesta Tour will be replaced with PIXAR’s newest film, Coco.
○ Reflections of China will get an update with Mushu as its narrator.
○ Chefs de France and Monsieur Paul will be replaced with Bistro Chez Remy.
○ Germany and Japan Pavilions may finally be utilizing their show buildings for Tangled and Big Hero 6 related attractions.
○ IllumiNations will be getting replaced with a new nighttime spectacular which will include Disney characters and franchises inspired tales from around the world.

Pirates Photos! (6/21/17)

Time to bring out your eye patch and pirate sword because it’s official! The Pirates of the Caribbean ride will now be joining in the on-ride photo experience. I’m assuming the camera was placed at the drop. Can’t wait to see how creative people get with this one.

What was he thinking?! (5/18/17)

By now, I’m sure everyone is aware of what happened this past Sunday in Disney’s Art of Animation Hotel. A father decided it would be better to go on a drunken rampage rather than to take care of his child. The Ohio father left his toddler in a stroller for hours which resulted in a first degree sunburn which paramedics believe can turn into second degree burns and a soiled diaper. Witnesses say that the father was using the stroller to cut through crowds at the hotel as he used racial slurs and called people names.

Happily Ever After (5/15/17) **based on my opinion**

Like many of you, I tuned in to watch Disney’s newest fireworks spectacular, ‘Happily Ever After’, from the comfort of my home. This show replaced the beloved ‘Wishes’ on May 12. I will say that it was a beautiful show; with the soundtrack of our favorite movies such as Tarzan, Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.. A big difference I noticed immediately was the amount of fireworks this show has. However, even with all that, I feel as if it lacked some of the magic that ‘Wishes’ gave off. I am not saying it is a bad show, it was very beautiful. I just feel that it is missing something. But I will say, there is a little something from ‘Wishes’ that they were able to incorporate to the new show. No worries, I will not spoil that surprise for those who have yet to see it.
Again, I am not saying that I did not enjoy ‘Happily Ever After’ because I did, it just feels like something is missing. Maybe I just miss ‘Wishes’ too much and with time will grow to love this spectacular just as much.

A Ghoulish Meal (5/1/2017)

In the latest of Disney Park rumors, the Orlando Weekly was reported talks of a new restaurant coming to the Magic Kingdom. The theme of this restaurant? This is exciting, it is said to be designed after the popular Haunted Mansion. Not much is known about this news but it is quite thrilling. Lets just hope the ghosts don’t disrupt your supper.

A new mountain in Magic Kingdom?
Are the rumors true?!
Just reported on Screamscape, there may be a new mountain joining the “mountains” in Magic Kingdom.
This rumored coaster is said to be Volcano-themed, and with the success of Disney’s Moana, this new mountain would be a perfect addition. Entrance will be built in Adventureland next to Pirates of the Caribbean, with the actual ride in a corner of the Jungle Cruise.
Boy do I hope this happens.