My Favorites

There are a number of amazing rides, hotels, restaurants, snacks in Disney. As hard is this is, I have narrowed down my all time favorites (this could always change with time).

Hotel: Disney’s Boardwalk Inn & Villa

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I have only had the privilege to stay in this amazing resort one time but it was AMAZING! We stayed in one of their newly renovated Studio Villa that faced the Luna Park Pool. For those that don’t know, the Luna Park Pool is the one that looks like a carnival.
Our room included a kitchenette, one queen bed, a sofa-bed, and a pull-down bed that was located right under the television. When we pulled down the bed, a beautiful painting of Dumbo was revealed.
The lobby to this resort is just as beautiful as the building itself with paintings of an Atlantic City boardwalk carnival, a beautiful fireplace to the right of the lobby with ample seating around, a miniature carousel just below a marvelous chandelier unlike any other.
The location of this resort gives me more of a reason to love it. Just a short walk past the ESPN restaurant, you will find the International Gateway entrance to EPCOT. Once entered, you will find yourself between the England and France pavilions. Besides EPCOT, you can either take a 15 minute walk down to Hollywood Studios or catch the next boat which is shared between all EPCOT resorts (Boardwalk, Beach & Yacht Club, and Swan & Dolphin). The walking was not that bad, especially if you are leaving Hollywood Studios at night. We got back to the hotel before the boat even arrived to pick up the guests waiting.

Park: Magic Kingdom


Need I say more? The beauty itself is enough to make you fall in-love with it. I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but it happens to me every single time I come. As I walk through the passage-way to get into the park, I feel some sort of electricity go through my whole body. Call it goosebumps if you want, but I know goosebumps and that feeling is something completely different. Oh, and I can’t forget that moment when you turn that corner to walk down Main-street and see the castle in the background.

Ride: (tie) Rock’n Roller Coaster & Tower of Terror

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This is such a hard choice. Do I prefer launching into complete darkness as I listen to some good rock music or visit a hotel with ghost guests who just seem to be trapped as I plummet down an elevator? I could never choose between these two. I am such a thrill junkie when it comes to rides so it’s obvious that Aerosmith’s Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Hollywood’s Tower of Terror would be my top pick. When choosing my FastPass+ I make sure that I pick these two as close in time as I possibly can. What’s better than riding them? Riding them on after the other. The ultimate thrill! 

Character Breakfast: Cape May Cafe


Located in the Beach Club Resort, Cape May Cafe is a beach themed buffet restaurant. Reservations for breakfast (Minnie’s Beach Bash Breakfast) can be difficult to find, I normally see dinner reservations available more. Joining along, we have Donald, Minnie, and Goofy. 

*Characters may change* 

I was fortunate enough to find reservations when I had gone for my birthday. As we enjoyed our food, I received a birthday card signed by all three characters and was given a cupcake as well. Food was delicious and being able to take pictures with the characters before going to the park was a great way to start the day.

Dining (Lunch/Dinner): 50’s Prime Time


Where else can you have your server scold you for not finishing your veggies or leave the plates, utensils, and napkins in the middle of the table for you to place them? 50’s Prime Time is located in Hollywood Studios right by Echo Lake. Although it is difficult to find reservations, I have noticed that it is easier than most the other restaurants.
Once checked-in, you are free to wait in their “living room”. Did I mention this restaurant is themed to look like a house in the 50’s? As you wait, there is a television for your entertainment, and for our grown kids, there is a nice bar just to the right of the living room. After your partied is called, you are ushered to your dining table and introduced to your “family member” (server). One time our server introduced our group to the other tables, or should I say our “cousins”. Another time we were there, I’m guessing we had the annoying uncle. He kept picking on my boyfriend because of how fast he was drinking his water. He ended up standing behind him and when he would take a sip, the “uncle” would pour more water. He even brought 3 more cups of water to him!
Service there is unlike any other you may experience.
Food wise, my favorites are their Vegetable Lasagna and Fried Chicken. If you decide to go with the fried chicken, make sure you’re hungry! And don’t forget “No tower for one hour!”