Disney Park Challenge: The Finale

This is it, we finally did it! We left Hollywood Studios around 5:30. We made our way to catch the boat that would take us over to Epcot. We entered through the International Gateway, and for those who don’t know what that is, it is the back entrance which is located between France and England. First on my list, grabbing some nice cold Grapefruit beer in Germany, one of my favorites. Took some pictures as we walked over and then headed to Norway for pictures with Anna and Elsa.
The crowds at the park weren’t as crazy as usual so when we saw the wait for Spaceship Earth was less than 5 minutes we bolted right to it. It was a great way to relax and take a power nap. Now I know there are quite a few people that do the same.
Our next FastPass was not until 8:00, so what else is there to do while we waited? Do a little Disney shopping. I found Mickey Converses! So excited for that.
By 8:00, we made our way to our FastPass, Soarin’. Yes, we even found FastPasses for this ride the same day as well. By the time we got off the ride, we were completely pooped. Didn’t even bother to stay for IllumiNations, we left just 5 minutes before it started. Thankfully, our hotel was in the Epcot area, so all we had to do was get on the boat, no more walking!
We finally made it back to our room. Ordered some room service, because who doesn’t love hotel food? Prices, not so much. But I was in no mood to walk over to the Boardwalk to get food.
It was such a fun day. Tiring, yet very exciting. I managed to get 2 things off my Disney bucket list; Magic Kingdom rope drop and 4 parks in 1 day.
Advice to anyone who really wants to do this, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes, and I mean COMFORTABLE! Also, try to wait until the weather cools down because the heat will make it difficult.

Disney Park Challenge Pt. 3

We’re half way there! That’s all I could think about as we made our way over to Hollywood Studios. Although I was ready to continue, I wished the bus ride didn’t have to end. I don’t know if any of you have ever experienced this, but as soon as I got off the bus, the balls of my feet were on fire! It felt as if I was walking on needles but I knew the pain would ease as I walked, and thankfully it did.

We made our way over to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster because obviously, best ride ever! I headed for the Single Riders Line because a certain someone doesn’t like roller coasters that are in the dark, booooo! It wasn’t that bad though, started talking with a couple that was in front and then another girl.
Finally, the time had come to be assigned a row. I would’ve loved to be in the first row, but I got an even more intense one, the very back. For those who have never ridden at the very back of a roller coaster, be aware, your body will be going everywhere! Try to avoid it if you have any back or neck pain because it is powerful.

As much as I wanted to go on Tower of Terror, the line wasn’t doing it for me. Instead, we decided to walk around and look for some ice cream to beat the horrible heat. We were near the Chinese Theater when I decided to search for the best ice cream in Hollywood Studios; Hollywood Scoops. Where was this located you ask, right next to ToT, so back we go. As we headed to find our ice cream, we came across the March of the First Order, second time watching it and it’s still pretty cool.
Finally, ice cream! I got the sundae; 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, whip cream, chocolate syrup, and a nice brownie. Oh how I wish I was eating that right now.
By 5:00, our next FastPass was ready. Toy Story Mania time! How we managed to find FastPasses for this ride on the same day? No idea. This ride is so much fun, but my hand does end up hurting after just the first game. Anyone else?
After Toy Story, we decided we should head over to the final park…

Disney Park Challenge Pt. 2

Before heading over to the next park, I had, and I mean HAD, to stop by the hotel to change my shoes. I knew that my little feet would not have made it if I didn’t. So we headed over to Disney’s Dolphin Hotel, which may I add, is one of my favorites. You stay in the same area as the Boardwalk and Yacht & Beach Club, but pay way less.  Our room was considered a traditional room, didn’t pick the room the Epcot view. However, this room did end up having a Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom view. Jackpot!

Anyways, I digress. We made our way to the buses and hoped on. Animal Kingdom here we come. The main reason for going to AK was to finally see Pandora. Didn’t get on the rides however, because well the wait time was about 100 minutes and frankly, ain’t nobody got time for that. Especially if we still had 2 more parks to go.  So I ended up just walking around Pandora and headed over to Expedition Everest. First row baby! The guy who ended up sitting next to me was on it for the first time and had never watched any of the videos of the ride so he had no idea what was happening, it was great! I don’t know about you, but I love sitting next to people who have never experienced the ride before.

After the ride, we made our way to the exit, but first we had to find some water. Remember stay hydrated, especially when your scalp is sweating! Next up, Hollywood Studios…