Disney Park Challenge Pt. 1

Many of us have thought about it, some have actually completed it. 4 Parks, 1 day. Is it possible? Yes. Is it tiring? Like crazy! This past weekend, my friend and I decided to challenge ourselves with this. Here’s how it went….

5:30 AM, yes you read that right. We wanted to make it to Magic Kingdom’s rope drop and get some nice pictures before the crowds showed up. We arrived at the park at about 7:40 and by 8:30 we had taken all the pictures of Main Street and of Cinderella’s Castle that we wanted. It was our first time being at the park this early and I personally enjoyed it. Would do it again? Absolutely. As soon as the park officially opened, we headed over to Princess Fairytale Hall. Not even a 5 minute wait! I would really suggest doing this first thing. After meeting with Tiana and Rapunzel, we headed over to meet Ariel and then waited for Gaston. Our FastPass was not until 10:50, so to kill some time, we decided to head over to Dumbo and then to Pirates. Finished off with some delicious and cold Dole Whip and went off to our next destination………

4 thoughts on “Disney Park Challenge Pt. 1

  1. We did the challenge with small kids several years ago. We just decided that on our last day we would go to each park and redo our favs. It was a fall trip and we got it done without much problem. Have fun. Wish I was there.


  2. So cool. Can’t wait to hear how the rest of the day goes. Did you put any specific rules in place as to what counts as a “park,” I know someone that just did it and they said they had to at least ride 3 rides, meet 1 character and eat 1 snack.


    1. The rules I set myself for it to really count was to go on a ride and spend an hour minimum. For example, Animal Kingdom, I spent only an hour because there’s not much to do and the Pandora rides were about 100 mins. (Ain’t nobody got time for that) So we just walked around the park and went on Expedition Everest.

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