Rain Rain, No Need to Go Away

You’re in the middle of some family fun at the park, when all of a sudden, water starts pouring out of the sky as if you are standing right under a waterfall. You see a stampede of people heading towards the exit, looking like those wildebeests from The Lion King. But guess what, there is no need to go back to your hotel. When it rains in Disney, it is actually the best time to be there. Here are some of the things you can do while you wait for the rain to clear…

  • Go on that popular ride
    One night, it was raining so much, people were looking for shelter in stores and restaurants, leaving the rides empty. We headed over to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, the wait was only 15 minutes! And it was still 9:00PM. That would never happen.
  • Do some shopping
    If you don’t want to be waiting for a ride in the middle of the rain, might as well start your shopping. And remember, if you are staying on property, you can have your merchandises sent to your room at no cost.
  • Go hotel hopping 
    If you are in Magic Kingdom, head over to the hotel monorail and venture out to those hotels in the area. It’s a chance to check out those Deluxe Resorts without having to spend a dime.
  • If you’re in Disney Springs,
    Enjoy a movie at AMC Fork & Screen Theater. There, you can choose to view a movie in their ‘Enhanced Theater Experience’ theater or enjoy a full meal as you watch your movie with their ‘Fork & Screen’ experience. Not up for a movie? Head over to Splitsville for some bowling, there’s even a bar inside and outside.

I hope you take some of these tips into consideration next time you catch yourself in the middle of a rainstorm. If you have any other tips, don’t be shy and write them down on the comments, I would love to hear what you enjoy doing during these rainstorms.

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