Tisk tisk, bad guest!

With thousands of people walking around, we are bound to find one or two that are just plain annoying/rude, or do annoying/rude things. But sometimes they might not realize it.
To save you from the embarrassment of being one of these guest, here are some of the top annoying/rude things people do at Disney World.

  1. Taking flash photography on rides
    If you are in a dark ride, you can bet that the flash will bother many people.
  2. Not paying attention when walking, especially in the middle of Main Street
    It’s enough having to keep an eye out for the trolley rails.
  3. Littering
    Keep the happiest place neat please, there are trash cans everywhere!
  4. Trying to stay together while in the ‘Single Rider Line’
    You are told from the very beginning that you WILL be split up from your group. If you don’t like it, then make the regular line. It’s that simple.
  5. Cutting in line
    This goes mainly to those big groups that have one person wait the line and then decide to join him/her, extremely rude to those who have been waiting. I understand that some people, like myself, might have a bathroom emergency, I get it. But don’t have other people in your group wait in line and then you cut later on just because you did not want to wait.
  6. Being rude/not listening to Cast Members
    Cast members are there to make sure everyone has a fun and safe time. Just follow their instructions.
  7. Arguing/fighting with other guests
    I’m sure many of us have either witnessed this first-hand or at least seen videos online. Not only will you disrupt everyone’s fun, but you will be kicked out of the park, and depending on how severe the situation is, you might be banned.
  8. Complaining while waiting in line
    The line is long, yes we are fully aware. That is why there is a Wait Time posted at the very entrance of the line.
  9. Packing for a cross-country trip
    The only time you should take a big backpack to the parks is if you have a toddler. There is no need for anyone else to take a bag the size of a dinning table. All you need with you is your ID, Credit Cards, maybe a sweater depending on the season, phone, and camera. All of that fits perfectly into a drawstring backpack, trust me, I know.
  10. Taking pictures or videos on huge iPads
    This happens more often than I wish. Being someone that is only 5’2, when ever there is someone in front of me taking videos of a fireworks show with their iPads, it becomes difficult to actually see, there is only so much room for someone to move around and get a peek.


Which one of these do you to be the rudest or most annoying? Do you have any of your own? Let me know on the comments.

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