Disney No-No’s

Whether it is your first time or your hundredths, we all need a little reminder of some of the biggest “Don’ts” when visiting.


  1. Wait until last minute to make dining reservations.
  2. Pay for a room with a view if you do not plan on spending time at the hotel.
  3. Eat during peak dining hours. Have a really early or late breakfast. Instead of buying lunch, take some sandwiches with you. Opt for a late dinner.
  4. Use a stroller if you really don’t need to.
  5. Bring huge bags (unless you have a toddler or specific items you must take). Try getting a phone wallet that way you can have your ID and credit card with you instead of carrying around a big wallet.
  6. Wait to reserve FASTPASS+
  7. Forget to stay hydrated.
  8. Forget to let your little ones rest.
  9. Stay on a strict schedule, let loose.
  10. Buy water bottles at the parks, just ask for a cup of water, or take you own.
  11. Miss out on Park Hopper, however….
  12. Feel obligated to buy Park Hopper.
  13. Miss dining reservations, you will be charged.
  14. Take flash photography on rides! This is one I have seen many people do.
  15. Be scared to visit other resorts (resort hopping). There is no fee to walk around other resorts and spend some time.
  16. Go to the wrong park, do your homework as to what is located where.
  17. Try to do too much in one day.
  18. Forget to mention any food allergies.
  19. Leave the park if it begins to rain.
  20. Forget to pay attention when waiting in line.

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